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We focus on helping you build new business models and inject your existing business with Exponential Technology

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LeanUp has accelerated 250+
startups and innovation teams

Want to build new business models that disrupt existing markets?
Adopt the Lean Startup mindset and understand, attract and build products for early adopters in our fully-immersive high-intensity masterclasses & programs.


The rate of change of product development is
accelerating because of exponential technologies. Staying
ahead of the curve is not about size it’s about speed of learning.

Companies rarely fail because they can’t build a product. They fail because
they build products that few customers want.
We see to it that teams test their
assumptions, design experiments and build amazing products.

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LeanUp is a team of User Experience, design thinkers and lean startup experts. We help
companies explore new markets, products and technology in search of a scalable business model.

Innovation Lab

A 15-week coaching program designed to help teams of innovators to search for your next validated business innovation.


Startup Synergy

Helping your organsation apply new technologies, products and business models through the collaboration with startups


Skill Academy

A five day course to get your Lean startup, customer development, data analytics Skills, Tools and mindset just right.



We are lean startup and innovation enthusiasts with more than 15 years of experience being entrepreneurs, coaching startup & innovation teams and innovation designers.

Douwe WesterFounder | Strategist | Lean Startup Expert | Coach | Metrics
Edouard DopperCo-Founder | Customer Discovery | Lean Startup Expert | Coach | Trainer
Ben Udink ten CateFull Stack | Product Specialist | Metric Tool | Development Culture | Trainer